Hey Guys!!

So yeah I have been away for a while, A LOT has happened since my last post, some bad, some good and I shall be writing about it over the coming days!! 

Looking forward to catching up on the many posts I have missed from you guys! :D

Will you guys also do me a massive favor? Vote for my mates band to play at Download festival? They need to be in the top 15 to be in with a shot and they are currently 18th! It only takes a second to vote and if you could leave a comment saying I sent you there that would be so awesome!
Here’s the link it takes 2 seconds!


Thanks for all the support guys, I have some very interesting poems nearly ready for posting so watch this space!

3 comments on “Hey Guys!!

  1. Good to know you’re back. Looking forward to reading more…

  2. jbjfan2009 says:

    Glad to have you back dude!

  3. Great having you back, my husband Matt was concerned about you. Look forward to reading more. Going to the web page and voting.

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