My Life – The Drugs

Different types of drugs

My Life – The Drugs

At the young age of 14,
Cannabis was a daily habit,
I wouldn’t say I was addicted,
I just had to have it,
And I mean I HAD to have it,
By any means necessary,
I would steal from my mother,
And anyone else in my family.
I was so laid back then,
I could barely get out of bed,
All I cared about was smoking green,
Then chilling out and getting fed.
Then things got worse,
It went from smoking weed,
To popping ecstasy pills,
And taking speed.
One minute my life was so relaxed,
Now my adrenaline was flowing,
Partying at 100 miles an hour,
With no sign of it slowing.
I was staying up for 3 nights,
My head was an erratic mess,
With a lifestyle like this,
How was a young me ever going to progress?
That young me never did progress,
Other drugs I started to take,
Snorting Cocaine and Mephedrone,
Getting the best high I could make.
My eyes were constantly wide,
Looking ill with my pale white skin,
But I had no care in the world,
As I was putting another gram in.
I would do anything to get a buzz,
I would even end up owing people money,
But at the time I didn’t care,
I used to think that stuff was funny.
As soon I was on a come down,
I was thinking about the come up,
Just a phone call later,
And my narcotics were there to pickup.
Getting hold of drugs was so easy,
No wonder my head was such a mess,
Maybe if it was harder to get hold of,
I would of taken a little less.
Luckily for me I grew up before anything bad happened,
I have made myself into a recluse since then,
Living in fear of going out and relapsing,
Because that could so easily happen again.
I lost so many friends when I became clean,
But I guess associates were all they were,
At least now I know who really cares about me,
And I guess having less friends I prefer.
Now I get angry really easily,
And have a very short memory,
But I guess that’s my own fault,
I was my own worst enemy.
My past has made me who I am today,
But relapsing is always in the back of my head,
But I am lucky I found the strength to change,
Because otherwise I’d be dead…

This is just an insight into my past life, if you have any questions feel free to ask me on here or on twitter – @CoreyPoetry

By Corey Booth 08/08/13

36 comments on “My Life – The Drugs

  1. Love this! I especially like the lines about “not being addicted” but just “HAD TO HAVE IT”. I have heard the justification “not addicted” too many times to count.Thanks for this great work.

  2. Reblogged this on thecedarcanoe and commented:
    A very well written poem that says it all about addiction!

  3. Thanks for writing this. I have reblogged it!

  4. Wise words, Corey, that warn all to stay away from past associates. Yesterday was an anniversary of the death of a young niece of mine who did not heed the advice of a boyfriend who warned her to stay away from her old drug using associates. We all have people that we need to stay clear of in one way or the other.

    Warm wishes ~ Wendy

    • ClownPonders says:

      I am sorry to hear about your loss :(
      Drugs cause so much harm, especially to people who have an addictive personality like myself.
      Thank you for reading

      • Thank you, Corey! My drug was alcohol when I was younger. I stay away from it completely now. Keep writing. You have done well to choose the pen over the pill.

      • ClownPonders says:

        I haven’t got to the alcohol yet, I drunk every single day between the ages 15-17, the alcohol and drugs had a hold of me, but I thought I would do a separate poem for both. I was a crazy child even though my family gave me everything, I just got in with the wrong crowd to young :/
        I am glad you conquered your demons, I also don’t drink any alcohol anymore, its for the best I think :)

  5. rcprice says:

    Powerful poem. I love it.

  6. An honest an heartfelt poem ~ well done Corey.

  7. Hey Clown,
    Mark Twain once said “You go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.” I went through something similar with the drug scene when I was a kid. I like not having as many friends because the true friends I have now I have a lot more fun with :)

  8. Helen Ross says:

    Hi Corey. I love your poetic style as you write from the heart. This is a very moving poem. True friends stay with you through thick and thin. Losers only want to drag you down to their level. You should be very proud of yourself, turning your life around. Stay strong. x

  9. Thank you Corey, for sharing your past’s intimate details, and the monsters that dwell there. It’s very hard to be that honest, and you did it beautifully. :-D Jamy

  10. lawrenceez says:

    Very powerful. Thanks for sharing. Although not the same thing, I gave up smoking a year ago after years of heavy chain smoking and I sometimes fear a relapse as I know how serious that would be.

  11. “I lost so many friends when I became clean,
    But I guess associates were all they were,
    At least now I know who really cares about me,
    And I guess having less friends I prefer.”

    Indeed, real friends are there always, through thick and thin, through allegiances and not, differences and not.

    The best friend you’ll find in yourself. And, if you find yourself in anyone, you’ll find yourself in everyone. Because that’s who You are.



  12. a powerful, honest and great insight into you your very soul. Well done for moving away from it all. I pray that you always get the willpower to stay away for good. :-)

  13. Honest reflection is the greatest capability man has and so many people refuse to employ it… Thank you for sharing your experience, we need more people who can write candidly.

  14. Amazing! I really like the line “I was my own worst enemy.” Your writing is so honest and the rhythms are so simple but really effective. Loved it!:)

  15. Amazing! I really like the line “I was my own worst enemy.” Your writing style is so honest and simple, but so effective. Thanks for posting :)

  16. Reblogged this on Unitas and commented:
    A young man who found the strength to change …..

  17. hmv says:

    Hmmm… that sounds really similar to my past life too! How often did you write while you were using?

    • ClownPonders says:

      I’m glad you can relate! I never wrote while I was using. I didn’t start writing until I was 19 and I’m 22 next month. From ages 14 through to 19 my main priority was drugs and nothing more. When I stopped writing and the gym helped fill the void left by the drugs :/

      • hmv says:

        I’m glad you picked up the pen and set down the pipe, then! :) You are probably better off that way – I wrote a lot while in between trips and all of it is trash… I guess I might have a better idea of what not to write, but I still wish I’d have taken a different approach. Do you completely regret the time you spent using drugs, or have you found some value in the time you spent doing it?

      • ClownPonders says:

        Haha I bet you wrote down some really weird stuff!
        Good question! Yes and no! Obviously I regret it as it has really affected my memory and I got myself into some really bad situations eg arrested but on the other hand I have some good memories about my time on drugs and it has made me who I am today!
        I wouldn’t be anything like who I am now if I didn’t take drugs, I think taking drugs has made me have more of a “don’t care” attitude and nothing phases me, for example before drugs I used to fear public speaking and meeting new people, now I just don’t care and just do it :)
        I would never encourage drug use, despite how good drugs are when you are taking them, they cause more bad than good. How about you? Do you regret?

      • hmv says:

        I feel the same way – that I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if I hadn’t been an avid user in the past. Though I’m still pretty antisocial without them (but the interwebs are helping with that! :D)
        I do regret becoming addicted to them, as well as the stupid things I did to myself and the people around me. However, I feel as though they helped me through some hard times and opened my mind to new dimensions of life (as cliched as that may sound).
        I think of drugs as tools. They can help someone through a task that would difficult to perform without them. Let’s say marijuana is a screwdriver. A screwdriver is good to… you know… drive screws with. But, what if you need to change a tire? Or straighten a crooked picture? I’ve seen folks try to get their screwdriver to work in every situation (and with some difficulty, they seem to manage), but I got tired of trying to find ways to make a screwdriver work all day every day – I needed different tools.
        Hence, the blog; the poems and stories and pictures. They are other things I found in my toolbox, you know?
        That’s pretty convoluted, huh? Oh well… that’s the mind of a former user, I guess. ;)
        (Also, if you want an example of my writing before, the book available on my download page was written entirely on drugs… believe it or not, I cut away a lot of the worst stuff, and it’s still horrible O_O)

  18. sandrabranum says:

    Reblogged this on SandraBranum's Blog and commented:
    Read this and be enlightened about Drugs.

  19. sandrabranum says:

    Corey, I had to share this.

  20. Kara Douglas says:

    The fear of relapse is a necessary part of staying clean. I have been off Ativan for 4 years now. I can still taste them and remember popping them like Tic Tacs. Overcoming our demons or at least keeping them at bay, aids us on our writing journeys. Stay strong!

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